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As is known, shareware game originally gained popularity in social networks. Users of Facebook and VK actively build their farm and the army, occasionally putting in real money deal. Later freemium model moved to iOS, and with it mobile gadgets followed browser known hits. Today we look at Candy Crush Saga port which draw a tenth of each active user brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg.

Hackneyed concept familiar product like Bejeweled, working here for the full program. This time, the protagonists become candy of different colors and hues scattered cells of the playing field. Flick of the wrist, we're trying to collect them from all sorts of combinations, ranging from the classic "three in a row" and ending with a variety of geometric shapes. Cheats for free! Sweets cancel out, in their place new fall - everything happens for each known casual gamers scheme. But in the AppStore like puzzles and without that much, so many developers have brought on themselves. The Candy Crush Saga calculation is made on the passage of successive levels with increasing difficulty and variety of tasks, of which there are about three hundred.

As a rule, a certain amount of points you need to dial a certain number of strokes, or complete the task. One of the main trouble - "frozen" cells, which are destroyed by a spell for inclusion in combination. Make it quite difficult at times - you have to choose the right candy colors, to build a tactical plan. If you can make a beautiful shape of several candy, the game comes to a super-sweet, subsequent intervention which trigger a huge explosion. Do not forget the developers and about Donat: bonuses for selling virtual currency, really improve the situation on the field. However, they need only when the level I want to go through it now, not after two attempts - even the most complex Level puzzle may pass using only their own brains. iAp only speeds up the process and gives the right to a few mistakes.


Graphics performed at a high level: it boasts a beautiful and nice looking picture, "juicy" animation. Sometimes downright want to take candy from the tablet screen. Music, too, has left a good impression, although sometimes it does not focus. A nice plus is that the game works in portrait and landscape orientation. There is integration with Facebook, though I little hard to believe that people from the CIS are addicted to social browser application overseas network.

Candy Crush cheats was surprisingly pleasant freemium game. It does not get excessive extortion of money, but it boasts an interesting variation on the classic gameplay concept, good graphics and sound. Puzzle like children, however, from the In App Purchase to fence them better through a special item in the "Settings" in the device.

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