Cheat codes on Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox

To activate any cheat codes for GTA 5 on Xbox them it is necessary to enter directly into game time, i.e. they shouldn't be entered more via phone as codes on GTA 4 and it very much pleases! It is also necessary to remember that all codes on GTA 5 it is necessary also to enter in the correct places! For example, if you indoors try to zaspavnit the Duster plane or the Buzzard helicopter, from this at you will leave nothing and the caused transport simply won't appear.

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All list of codes and cheats on GTA 5 for Xbox

Codes on GTA 5 cars for Xbox
RB B RT → LB LT A A X RB - a code on Comet (a fast sports car).
RT → LT ← ← RB LB B → - Limo limousine.
RT LB B → LB RB → ← B RT - Rapid GT sport car.
B RB B RB ← ← RB LB B → - a code on Trashmaster (musorovozk).
B LB ← RB LT A RB LB B A - Caddy (the machine for golf).

Codes on the GTA 5 motorcycles
B A LB B B LB B RB RT LT LB LB - Sanchez (a "dirty" bike).
RB → ← → RT ← → X → LT LB LB - PCJ-600.
← ← → → ← → the X B Y RB RT - a code on the BMX bicycle.

Codes on the helicopter, planes
B B LB B B B LB LT RB Y B Y - a code on Buzzard (the military helicopter with a machine gun and rockets onboard).
→ ← RB RB RB ← Y Y A B LB LB - a code on Duster (the plane with fertilizers).
B → LB LT ← RB LB LB ← ← A Y - Stunt Plane (самолетик).
The most popular codes in GTA 5 of course are Chita on cars, the fighting helicopter, planes and the tank. All codes for Xbox 360 are checked for GTA 5 and you can safely cause the pleasant transport. At once after input of a code, required, the vehicle will fall down opposite to the main character.

Codes on the weapon in GTA 5 and other subjects
Y RT ← LB A → Y ↓ X LB LB LBnew! - a code on the weapon.
← → LB LT RB RT RT ← ← → LBnew! - to receive a parachute.

The codes influencing the character
RB RB B RT → ← → ← → ← - a code on search lowering of the level.
RB RB B RT ← → ← → ← → - a code on increase of level of search.
B LB Y RT A X B → X LB LB LBnew! - a code on the maximum health and armor (100% of Health & Armour).
→ A → ← → RB → ← A Ynew! - a code on invulnerability (operates on an extent of 5 minutes and doesn't influence your vehicle).
A A X RB LB A → ← Anew! - 100% of special ability of the character (special ability replenishment).

Codes on game process (gameplay)
→ X A ← RB RT ← → → LB LB LB - Bang Bang - explosive bullets.
LB RB X RB ← RT RB ← X → LB LB - a code on the igniting bullets.
→ ← A Y RB B B B LT - explosive attack in near fight.
Y → → ← → X B ← - the "drunk" mode.
Y ← → → LT LB X - fast run.
← ← LB → → RT ← LT → - a code on fast swimming.
Y RB RB ← RB LB RT LB - cars will become sliding.
← ← LB RB LB → ← LB ←new! - lunar gravitation (Enter the HARDWARE to activate chit after a set, leave to deactivate).
← ← Y Y → → ← → X RB RTnew! - super jump.

LB LT RB RT ← → ← → LB LT RB RT ← → ← → - Skyfall - falling from the sky (be convinced that you have a parachute).

Codes on on change of weather and time in GTA 5
RT A LB LB LT LT LT X - change of weather (serial change of weather, is even snow).
Y ← → → the X RT RB - delay of time.
X LT RB Y ← the X LT → A - a code on delay of time of an aiming (a code it is possible to enter four times and with each input time of an aiming will be slowed down more and more).

As usual, we don't recommend to you to keep game after introduction of any of following codes. If keep, to you not to see neither achievements, nor trophies, other pleasant features of a fair play. Use codes just for the hell of it and fun, but to keep game we don't advise. To keep game with the entered codes it won't turn out. It means that if you entered a code, and then remained, after loading the code won't work, it should be entered anew. Codes work only in the single GTA 5 mode. In GTA Online these codes won't work.

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