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In this article, you can download the APK game and get free stardust, coins and candy!

Instruction for getting free sturdust, coins and candy

The main reason for the success of the game can be called that it brings single people, this new contact and Happy Holidays. Pokemon GO - the first part of a virtual reality game that does not require special technical devices. Do not also forget about the sense of nostalgia engulfed today's young people. Probably every one of you as a child watching the popular anime cartoon about funny and cute Pokemon Pikachu. While searching for Pokemon increasing attention to the attractions of the countries, areas and monuments. In addition, the game forces the user to live a more active life, adjusting health.

In crowded places, in reality, developers have placed pokestopy, revealing that, you can get useful things and access to gyms. Gimy - it is a place where you can compete with other Pokémon trainers. Each SHM holds one of the teams, training their Pokemon out there and winning the team forwards. The strength of protection depends on the number of the hall Pokemon are therein. When because of the team's defeats Gima level close to zero, take the winning hall itself.
Pokemon Go gives you the opportunity to feel like a coach of your Pok-pets. After all, they need to bring up to Pokémon battles with other educators. After receiving the fifth level, the player can choose from 3 coachers groups that will compete with each other in a battle. Each coalition has a fraction: courage, mystery (d), the instinct.

For each captured Pokémon are given prizes: Stardust and candy (Pokemon Go currency). They are useful for increasing the military power of the Pokémon. Sweets are also used for pumping and evolve your little animals. In addition, Pok-candy can be earned by returning the captured Pokémon professor. Pokecoins (Pok-coin) can be purchased for real money in the official store (100 coins - $ 0.99). For Pok-coins in the same game store you can buy useful buns that make life easier for your avatar in Pokemon Go. All purchases go in a backpack with a capacity of 500 units.


In Pokemon Go Pokemon are all so well known to us - the so-called first generation - the initial Squirtle (Squirtle), Charmander (Charmander), Bulbasaur (Bulbasaur). To start the game, you need to create an avatar, giving it the desired shape. Suffice it to go to your gadget into the street and run the game. With the help of GPS, the player avatar walks on a virtual map of the area, while you walk in the real world for the real world. In case of finding near you pokemon, the app informs you and advises to find it through your gadget's camera. Catch Pokémon as possible, throwing him pokebol electronic - a special trap. You can also get Pokémon otherwise - with the help of eggs. They can be found in a store or play pokestopah. The egg is placed into an incubator, where the pet is gaining strength.

Game process

Pokemon Go - the most popular game of the summer 2016! It is played over millions of people around the world! What is this game won obsche6stvennost aged 10 to 65 years? An unusual feature of the Pokemon Gow became overlay images on the computer phenomena surrounding us with you in the world. The game made a lot of people to go out in search of Pokemon, which is necessary to Catch. This is an important and useful time problem solver sedentary life and self-contained.

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