How to get free spotify premium? The best guide!

In this article, you can read how to get free spotify premium.

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is an application that enables you to listen to music in your phone. Download Spotify in your phone or tablet, or open the Spotify home page on your computer and listen to your favorite music online without downloading it to your device. In the Spotify library of more than 30 million songs - performers from different countries, groups, albums, prepared Spotify playlists (playlists), for different tastes and different situations.

What are the advantages and possibilities of Spotify offers LMT?

LMT provides you the opportunity to buy Spotify Premium and include a fee for its use in your monthly bill LMT. Find out how to activate the offer LMT Spotify Premium!

What are the advantages in comparison with Spotify Premium Free (free) version?

Yes, Latvian and Russian music is represented in the Spotify library. For example, Prāta Vētra, Instrumenti, Carnival Youth, Dons, Raimonds Pauls, B-2, A-studio, Nyusha, silver and many others. How can I activate the offer LMT Spotify Premium? Offer LMT Spotify Premium for 6.99 € is available to all clients LMT, if you have access to an increased cost. The Premium Spotify can subscribe on the homepage LMT, LMT Straume in the application or in Spotify HERE section.

Can I use the offer LMT, is already a user Spotify?

First you need to stop the subscription Spotify Premium (you can use it until the end of the paid period) login on the Home Use Spotify page. After the subscription period the status of your Account Spotify will change to FREE, and you can use the offer LMT.

Do I need to create a new account Spotify, to use LMT offer?

The answer is - NO! If you want to subscribe to Spotify Premium in LMT, there is no need for a new account as a gift. If you use Spotify Free, follow the instructions to connect Spotify Premium. If you use Spotify Premium, you must first disable the subscription, and after expiry of the current subscription will be able to take advantage of the offer LMT.

What to do if I connected the wrong account as Spotify Premium?

To deactivate and activate Spotify Premium account as the other, please contact us or visit the nearest center LMT customer service.

Why does my Spotify Premium has been updated as the Free?

Perhaps you two Account Spotify: one - LMT Spotify Premium, and the second - Free, and you are connected to the second. In case of any questions feel free to contact us - we will help!

What to do if my Spotify Premium "lost"? Most likely, you went to the other account as Spotify's, we recommend to leave (Log Out) and re-register (LOG IN) in its account as a gift Spotify.

Do I need to create a Spotify account for each of my devices (smartphone, tablet, computer)? No no need! Spotify is a cloud service, so one Account enough for multiple devices.

How many devices can I connect to my Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium user can store and sync songs 3333 on three devices, but to play on only one. With the connection of the fourth device is the first to be turned off. In case of any problems we recommend to delete an account and install Spotify again. What if plugged Premium, but the settings are still visible "Free"? First you need to get out of Spotify (Log Out) and re-register (LOG IN) - then you will have a Spotify Premium.

What if I forgot my password Spotify?

This problem is easily solved - Come on Spotify home page and update your password and / or get a reminder of the user iment. If you have the wrong registration e-mail, then we can not help - contact Spotify team. In turn, if your Spotify Premium account as you have created with the help of Facebook, the resumption of a password you need to do on the Facebook home page.

Can I use Spotify abroad?

Remember - the mobile Internet services abroad more than in Latvia, therefore it is advisable to use offline (Offline Mode).

How to listen to songs offline?

Please choose the songs and activate "Available Offline" (this can be done only in the mode of an active internet connection), and then run the offline (Offline Mode).

How much will it cost Spotify Premium after the free period?

For 14 days before the end of the free period Spotify Premium on the screen of the device you will see a warning, and when there will be only 3 days, we will send you a SMS-reminder and information that in the future the monthly fee for using the Spotify Premium (6,99 € / month .) will be included in your monthly bill LMT. If you still do not want to use this feature, you can give up via SMS.

What happens if during the use of free Spotify Premium, I'll be back in a smaller volume of internet?

If you switch to obem 200 MB or meshshe, Spotify Premium will be available to you until the end of a particular month subscription. For example, if the free period began on July 25, and the Internet was disconnected on August 2 that Spotify Premium will be turned off on August 24 at 23.59. If you switch to 2 GB, 1 GB, 800 MB, 600 MB or 400 MB, Spotify Premium will be available to you 3 months. If at the time of switching the internet three-month period is over, the Spotify Premium features will be available to you until the end of a particular month subscription.

What happens if during the use of free Spotify Premium I refuse from the Internet on your phone?

It will be disabled and Spotify Premium Upon cancellation of the Internet. How can I refuse the offer LMT and close your Spotify Premium? If you want to give up the Spotify Premium, which aboniruesh in LMT, send STOP to 1605.

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