It is useful for persons interested to earn on the Internet on satellites.

For a start, small retreat. Here tell when you tried to resolve for yourself an issue: "how to earn on the Internet?" you after all hung around according to different blogs? For certain saw that the vast majority of bloggers at the end of each post stick buttons which conduct in services of social bookmarks. Everyones "Mr. of Vongi", "Bobrdobra", "Memori" and other. Saw? They stick them, directly – with persistence of maniacs, damn.

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I hope, it isn't necessary to explain, why they do it? Or it is necessary?

All right.

Buttons with bookmarks are added to a cursor of the same vordpress by a special plug-in. It becomes in order that the visitor could keep the note which was pleasant to him in any of such "social spheres". (Certainly if the visitor himself in such "social sphere" is registered.)

As soon as the visitor added a bookmark, in social sphere "The beaver is kind" there is a free link to your megaresource. It is a lot of bookmarks – many links. It is a lot of links – the position in delivery is higher.

The high position in delivery, in turn, well helps to earn with the Internet. (It if you have a white site). And a lot more bookmarks cause some (very insignificant) increase of a thematic index of citing. (And this is already actual for those who is engaged in satellites).

Here it is necessary to make small specification.

The high position will be observed, as a rule, in delivery at Yasha. Also growth of a puzomerka by Yashina, under the name TITs is observed. The Guglovy puzomerka, under the name PR, doesn't grow. Practically doesn't grow at all.
Why so, ask? Hmm … Schaz I will explain. I as - that mentioned in the blog attributes a nofolloa. (nofollow)

And so.

Links in social spheres, in most cases, are covered with such attributes. That is guglovy bots see such links, on them hang around, but in reference ranging - such link of participation doesn't accept, and reference weight according to it - isn't transferred.

Means, the puzomerka under the name PR - doesn't grow. That is very sad for a satellitchik to which these big пи - ares are necessary as air. (As – the satellite in "SAPU" to exhaust the macaw into big pi the sense isn't present - pennies turn out).

And here bots of a search engine under the name "Jascha" successfully hang around and according to links about a nofolloa. The other day from secret-service data confirmation to this fact was received. To Yandex to spit, eat this tag on the link or not.

Now it is clear why Yashin of TITs grows?

How this business can be used for earnings? Very simply. It is necessary most to register some accounts in these social spheres. And already from different accounts to add on a bookmark. Procedure this tiresome and long. It in general strong looks like a high-speed masturbation.

However, if you strong decided to lift TITs to your satellite (and to the site too) in the shortest possible time is can help. It is very quite good to help.

P.S. Still It should be noted that to play the above high-speed sports samolichno – it isn't obligatory at all. (Certainly if you don't apply in it for a champion title. But you after all don't apply, the truth?) And for these purposes it is possible to poshukat hmm … the professional of this business. Which got skilled to earn on this business long ago and combines business with pleasure, so to speak. At any forum, we will allow. We try to use algorithm, in a word.

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