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Most newcomers came into the game begin to pump different branches equipment, not even thinking about what awaits them at the finish line. Often, you hit the coveted tenth level, the player realizes that spending so much time and effort, he finally received would not be what they wanted. To avoid these disappointments, a list of the top five branches of development, ten levels which will not disappoint you!


Топ 5 танков world of tanks ИС7

Soviet heavy tank IS-7 is the most popular tank tenth level. The first Soviet Top in the game, which is deservedly popular of millions of players. The peculiarity of this strand is a good speaker, almost impenetrable tower and artful structure of the front part of the body that can withstand even a shot of the most powerful weapons in the game. Playing on this tank worth to remember that the most advantageous position of the tank, is to stand directly facing the enemy, then the reduced tank armor will pleasantly surprise you, but do not forget about the NLD (bottom frontal part) that you want to hide behind different mounds and mounds.

2. Batchat 25t France

Топ 5 танков world of tanks Батчат 25

Middle French tank that surprised all players at one time its appearance is called Batchat 25t. Chip of the tank, in addition to breakneck speed and poor booking, is the presence of the drum, allowing to embed 5 shells for 390 damage each, for a few seconds and go on cooldown. Style of play it is different from the game in tanks with a conventional charging system, but in the right hands is a deadly technique.

3. T62A / Object 140 USSR

Топ 5 танков world of tanks Т62А

Already heated debate underway for many years about what to choose, t62a or object 140. As practice shows, it is better to open the two, especially since they opened on a magnificent tank ninth level t54. T62a has a slightly worse dynamics, but the book tower is considered one of the best in the game. It should also take into account the fact that krituemost internal modules have 62ki less than the ob140, and turn on the spot quickly. Object 140 has a better stabilization of the gun and gets better on the move, just not unimportant is the best angle of declination guns, one degree (in 62ki -5 and -6 have ob140). The tower is also quite strong, at an altitude maneuverability.

4. Е100 Germany

Топ 5 танков world of tanks E100

Brutal German cord level 10 will not leave anyone indifferent, and on the eve of his nerf guns are predicting massive appearance of randomness. A great book, 150mm gun, which break through the base shell apnut in the new patch 2700 strength and Etch A Sketch! All this can be yours, if you collect will in a fist and pump this monster.

Т110E5 USA

Топ 5 танков world of tanks T110e5

American heavy tank, which can rightly be called a welterweight, considered by many professional players, is the best tank in the game. A great weapon, having a gorgeous stabilization, precision and penetration. Head-to book, just not able to forgive your thoughtless breakthrough. But do not forget about the weak sides reservations, which does not allow the tank to "live surrounded" as it can afford to IS-7.

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